Black Women and Authority!! Why do u have a bad attitude?

I had a counseling session with a few brothers not too long along and the question came up about why do black women in authority seem to have such a nasty attitude? From letting you know their the boss throwing their weight around, to speaking down to you like your a child, and having a funky attitude period! Wussup with that? It seems like on the way up the corporate ladder they are cool and laid back and easy to get along with but once they get a top position it’s like a spirit comes on them and they go buckwild! One brutha mentioned that after his girl opened her own business she became extremely bossy and told him this is the new me and if you don’t like it you can step! WTW? (What the World). I personally have seen a difference in attitude from SOME women that are so called big shots in the work force. They have an air about themselves like they can take you or leave you. With an attitude like that many say that’s one of the reasons they are single because a real man wants to be wanted by his woman. Just like I want to want and not just need my woman. Now let me make this crystal clear me and the brutha’s specified that we are certainly not talking about ALL women just SOME women. So please don’t skip that point or you have missed it all. Their are some women running major corporations around the country and if you bumped into them at Walmart and had a conversation you would never know it because they are so layed back and sweet. Probably kinda like my mom and yours. They had the power but showed skill in using it. I applaud the sistah’s who raised kids on their own, got their degree’s and suffered pain at the hands of a brutha. These are good example to our race and I salute you! Personally their is no better sistah than one whose been through hell but look and act like heaven! Where are you boo? Lol. So tell me why do you think some black women in authority have such bad attitudes? Talk to me!!!!!!!


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17 Responses to Black Women and Authority!! Why do u have a bad attitude?

  1. Erika says:

    Because of simple Black men like u!!!

  2. Raya Brady says:

    Hello. Please pardon me for answering an old post, but I just saw it today. I am not black, but I am a woman, and I agree with what you say. When Judge Mablean Ephriam formerly of Divorce Court appeared on Celebrity Fit Club, she was really pushy and obnoxious, and dismissed the complaints with “Nobody likes a strong black woman, that’s the problem.” Well, it wasn’t the “strong” they objected to. It was the “pushy and obnoxious.” Some people might argue that it’s only called pushy and obnoxious if you’re a woman, that a man doing the same thing would be called a strong leader, but the point is, she was acting that way so much more than anyone else was, gender or race not even a factor.

    The picture you paint of a black woman moving up the corporate ladder, friendly and personable until she reaches the top, and then turning into a monster, is pretty accurate but certainly not limited to either blacks or women. I see the same thing when the occasional armed forces member comes home from serving his/her country and then starts running their family like it’s a boot camp.

    As another example, I am a moderator on a Christian forum. When I was merely a member, I was pretty well-liked, and I still am as a moderator, but I do get the occasional, “I liked you better when you were one of us.” That is most likely to happen when I have to remove a post or issue citations for rule violations. I’d like to think I’m still the same person, and I’m not being power-hungry, but even if I haven’t changed, there are those who just don’t like authority of any kind.

  3. John McGuire says:

    Black Women DO Generally have Bad Attitudes… I Know, I work with Them!

  4. John McGuire says:

    I believe that generally speaking, Black Women deep down, suffer from a low self esteem, which obviously causes their negative and nasty attitude. Most of them don’t even like their own hair. Always weaving and trying desperately to straighten it. A lot of Black Women need to make some serious changes, or they will continue to be miserable. This is my humble opinion and experience. Good luck You All!

    • Eric says:

      Well, said! That’s exactly more, and more Black men are moving on to non-black women! Who, needs or wants a headache all day long?

      • Sister standing up for the voice of the human race says:

        I am going to give my point as a black women.First off the dead on and the reason men went out side there race and never look back, gives into the stereotypes of black men. It also said a lot about your personality if you have one….. Oh I forgot I better not speaking it not allowed. Second, the reason black men only date white women, because they want a more dissent women that they can easy to control. Black women on the other hand is looked at as being to pushy and over baring because they are not for the foolishness.

        I am not against any man uses race a a way to make his self feel supeior.
        But ……
        run about when your back down on your butt….

  5. Angelia Cox says:

    nice post….to answer your question…at the feet of Jesus lol

  6. Nic says:

    If you’re not a black woman you should not be posting your opinions about why black women have attitudes.

    • Eric says:

      Why, because you say that? Who appointed you the “BOSS”? And, sadly here you are acting out in the very same manner …with your usual Black woman’s attitude!

  7. Sasha says:

    This is an old post but idk I think it’s just self esteem issues but get over yourself and treat others with respect. No wonder a vast majority of people cannot stand and cannot deal with black women. The few that bop their heads, clap their hands, raise their voice and give attitude just ruins it for the rest. I even have friends that just can’t seem to control how they behave. And give attitude to others. For no reason. It is embarrassing to the point I have to cut ties with. Like what the fuck is wrong with you. No wonder why so many people can’t stand black women and why so many black men marry elsewhere. They want a woman, no a fucking animal who can’t control her emotions and impulses. They can throw the race card real quick when losing an argument but can talk racist shit to other people. Like take a class on politeness and how to behave and control yourself.

    • Eric says:

      Excellent comment! You, couldn’t be further from the real truth! You’re also “SPOT ON”!
      That’s exactly why Black men are moving on in droves, and not looking back!

      • Sister standing up for the voice of the human race says:


  8. As a black woman myself, I can only speak for myself so here it goes. I suffer from bipolar disorder, I’m currently seeing a psychiatric and a therapist. I have my good days and my bad days. It’s not an easy thing to deal with but I still treat people with respect. I don’t use my condition to treat people like shit because you never know who you might need to help you when you’re down. Now on the other hand, some people just don’t have a clue what to say out of their mouths and expect you to be meek and docile. Of course, I’m going to stand my ground when I feel it’s necessary. I’m 39 years of age and I don’t have to get into unnecessary childish squabbles with grown people because it’s a waste of my time, it drains my energy and I have goals that I’m working on right now. I don’t have an attitude, I’m just at a stage in my life where I refuse to tolerate stupidity and foolishness.

    Now brother Jonathan you were dead on. I’ve been on the receiving end of this spectrum every time I go to visit my finance whose temporarily incarcerated the female correctional officiers act as though I’m interrupting them when I’m asking a question. By them having their badge and gun they feel as though they can say and treat people any way they want cuz..I’M THE BOSS..TRY ME IF YOU WANT attitude. And guess where I live…you guessed Baltimore, Maryland home of the stand-offish, and blatantly rude residents…more prominent among-st my own race. I’m not apologizing for my observations and experiences. I stand by what I’m writing 10000%%. #ChitownLady

    • rashad khalifa says:

      You started off all identifying with the BS diagnostic test the white man made up and gave to you lol beyond poor excuse.

      • Marquesha Salley says:

        I hope you are not a Muslim (your name is a dead giveaway). Are you a mental health care professional? I truly dispise grown men who carry on like bullies. If you have a lists of complaints against the Black women (bad attitude, etc) write them down and give it to your mother!!! LOL…Problem solved.

  9. D. Jones says:

    I’m a black woman happily married to a black man for the last 20 years. My husband and I don’t communicate with “attitudes” because it’s an emotionally immature way to communicate and get desired results. I HATE the nasty attitudes I so often see with our black women. It’s certainly NOT ALL black women, but it seems to be a statistically significant number. As a High School teacher, I see it too often and when I have an issue with a defiant, attitude having student, it’s typically a black female, More than wanting to rant and complain about it, I would like to try and find solutions. I’m just at a loss for what a good start would be. You see, talking to someone who has a bad attitude about their nasty disposition, you’re likely going to be met with more attitude and who wants that? I hear black male students express that they find black girls attractive, but don’t want to deal with the nasty attitudes. I admit, I’m at a total loss on how to address the issue.

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